DIY UDS Complete Parts Kit for 55 gallon Ugly Drum Smoker

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Our complete UDS parts kit contains everything that you need to build your own UDS 55 gallon (Ugly Drum Smoker). Everything that you need to build your own U.D.S. drum smoker. & how to build a 55 gallon drum smoker pit. KIT INCLUDES: • 4 Rib Hooks ($4.99 value) • FireBlack Lid Gasket ($24.99 value) • 21" Cooking Grate (a $16 value) • Stainless Tool hook and accessories holder ($12.95) • 14" charcoal basket with coal grate, ash pan and handle. ($40 value) • LavaLock Lid Handle assembly. ($20 value) • 2" threaded teardrop exhaust damper ($13.49 value) • 2 of our 1-1/2" air inlets pre-curved for your drum ($24.98 value) • Bottle opener in case you get thirsty (a $6.99 value) • TH-258 Thermometer ($6.79 value) • cooking grate lifter ($9.99 value) • Hardware pack (some additional hardware maybe necessary) A $185 VALUE. A SUPER DEAL AND THE BEST PRICED KIT ON THE MARKET. Also known as Garbage Can Cookers, Hillbilly Smokers, Pit Barrel Cookers and Crockpots for Men, these drums run awesome. Frequently used in competition, these are the newest and hottest thing in BBQ and smoked meat. Our parts and design are proven winners by BBQ Pit Masters and at competitions across the country With our parts, you can cook at over 200 F for up to 30 hours on one 18lb load of coals. We recommend using a clean new drum that doesn't have a liner. You supply the drum. Note: most hardware, bolts, nuts etc. is included. You will also need a drill, drill bits, hole saw and other basic hand tools. You supply the standard drum. Check out the other great UDS add ons on our website

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